UKCSI Business Benchmarking is a customer satisfaction measurement tool which enables organisations to benchmark against best practice in their own, or other sectors. 

Do you know the answers to the following questions? 

  • How satisfied are your customers?
  • Where you need to improve?
  • Are you better than your competitors?
  • How big is the gap between you and the best?

Why is it important?

  • Using questions based on the UK Customer Satisfaction Index, the national benchmark of customer satisfaction published twice a year by the Institute, UKCSI Business Benchmarking provides insight into how your organisation compares to others in your sector and other sectors. 
  • It provides a powerful tool to inform your customer service strategy and plans, enabling you to focus on the areas that deliver the best return on your investment. 
  • It gives an understanding of how satisfied customer are with your organisation across a range of measures. 
  • Highlights strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement from your customers' perspective. 

The process

  • The process is designed to be completed over a two to six month period
  • Survey your customers, in both a B2C or B2B environment, using the same questions as the UKCSI
  • Collation and scoring of customer responses to questions which are based on the top 20 customer priorities
  • Chart the results, based on the responses of your customers: 100 or more in a B2C environment (200 recommended), 70 responses or more in a B2B environment
  • Gain a customer satisfaction rating benchmarked nationally and by your industry sector
  • Compare the results with the latest UKCSI results
  • License you to download all the data on your organisation
  • License you to download all data from one sector (subject to restrictions on use)

What's involved?

  • In order to complete UKCSI business benchmarking you will need to nominate an internal business coordinator to engage with the Institute
  • The timing of this process is up to you beginning online when you are ready
  • Once you have registered on the UKCSI web portal you will be able to access your bespoke survey link
  • When the registration is complete an email will be sent to all customer contacts inviting them to complete the questionnaire
  • During the process the customer contacts will receive three emails: the first the invitation and two follow up reminders
  • Your nominated internal business coordinator will be able to check the progress of the survey at any time through the online portal
  • Finally you will need to put together an action plan with the support of your local account director

Based on research

The UKCSI is based on the top 20 customer priorities described in the report Customer Priorities: What customers really want.

Institute research found that the top ten from these priorities are:

  1. overall quality of the product or service
  2. being treated as a valued customer
  3. speed of service
  4. friendliness of staff
  5. handling of problems and complaints
  6. handling of enquiries
  7. competence of staff
  8. ease of doing business
  9. being kept informed
  10. helpfulness of staff


There are 13 sectors measured in the UKCSI, they are:

  • Automotive: Car manufacturers and dealerships
  • Finance — banks: Banks and building societies
  • Finance — insurers: Insurance companies and large brokers
  • Leisure: Fast–food outlets, pubs, entertainment centres
  • Public services — local: Local authority services, GP surgeries, emergency services
  • Public services — national: Central departments such as DELNI, agencies such as the DVLA and publicly–owned services such as Royal Mail
  • Retail — food: Supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Retail — non–food: High–street shops, out–of–town stores etc.
  • Services: Domestic, breakdown, commercial services etc.
  • Telecommmunications: Fixed or mobile telephones
  • Tourism: Hotel chains and holiday operators
  • Transport: Buses, trains, air travel
  • Utilities: Gas, water & electricity suppliers


If you are a member of the Institute this product can be used for international benchmarking within your organisation. 




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