National Customer Service Week is a week long opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice and the growth of the UK economy.

National Customer Service Week (NCSW) takes place during the first full week in October.

The dates for 2015 will be 5 - 9 October

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Know your customer
Consider who your customers are and how you adapt to their different needs


  • Invite a customer to a team event 
  • Organise a visit to a customer’s business 
  • Run an exercise to create a profile description of your customer segments, who they are, how they use your products and services, what they need from you    
  • Run a customer satisfaction survey
  • Review how you measure customer satisfaction – identify the measures which best reflect your customers’ needs
  • Review the different ways your organisation captures customer insight
  • Monitor what your customers are saying about you on social media
  • Invite your organisation’s insight specialist to a team event 
  • Use the Institute’s customer priorities to review which factors will affect your organisation most

How advancing technology and comparison websites were affecting relationships with customers
Insight into customers (Leading by Example 2015)
Marks & Spencer case study
From Customer Service to social intelligence (Customer focus magazine April 2015)
UKCSI executive summary results



Customer complaint MOT
Consider how you handle, learn from and achieve the best outcomes from complaints.


  • Group session – what do your customers complain about? 
  • Look at what causes complaints and identify ways to stop problems occurring
  • What are the most important skills needed to handle complaints 
  • Review your complaints process and develop action plans to improve it 
  • Hold a Complaints Masterclass to share best practice and help employees understand feedback and how to deal with it


Return on Investment
Raise awareness of the crucial role customer service plays in your organisation.


  • Organise a Q & A event with senior managers in your company about the return on investment of customer satisfaction 
  • Put a quiz together about your organisation
  • Gather customers testimonials on their experience and present to internal and external teams 


Employee engagement and culture
Recognise “internal” customers and thank them for their support.


  • Become your own customer – buy a service from your company
  • One day “job swap” with a colleague 
  • Review how easy it is for your customers to give feedback
  • Run an internal survey across departments to assess employee engagement across your organisation 
  • Back to the floor day
  • Run a job shadowing day 
  • “Undercover boss” activities 


Recognition and celebration
Celebrate great customer service in your organisation. 


  • Run your own customer service achievement and recognition awards ceremony
  • Enter your organisation into the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards
  • Invite members of other teams you deal with to visit your customer service operation
  • Publicise the positive feedback you received from customers in your workplace 
  • Run an event to recognise employees who have achieved customer service qualifications

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