A service offer defines the extent and limits of the customer service that an organisation is offering.

In commercial organisations the service offer is partly or largely determined by the price that is being charged and by the service offer of competitors.  A unique service offer is one that differentiates the offer that an organisation is making from that of its competitors or comparable organisations.

The service offer is something over and above what an organisation will do for you. It is about knowing the service offer and the details of it – what is says in the small print. Some examples are shown below:

  • if you return the goods, you can get your money back (some organisations may have stipulations around this – for example to be returned within a number of days)
  • a bank says that if you switch your credit cards to us you get % interest for 6 months. An existing customer moves all their credit cards to this bank and then on their 1st bill they find out that its only for new customers and you are an existing one so you don't get % interest
  • we will get back to you in 24 hours
  • if there are more than 3 people at the till we will open up 3 tills