Jonathan Cowie

COO at Vivid Housing

Jonathan Cowie

Jonathan joined CityWest Homes in 2015 that has the ambition of becoming the leading service provider for Housing, managing 21,000 homes in London with an estimated value of £9bn. The challenge is to deliver on the commitment of creating thriving communities with high quality homes, delivered by excellent service.

Jonathan has spent the last 5 years in the housing sector, previously as COO at Sovereign Housing, with responsibility for leading the transformation of Sovereign with the focus of putting customers at the heart of the organisation, whilst delivering and managing an ambitious growth plan that also delivers value for money.

Prior to this, he was a director at Cable and Wireless, responsible for 3,000 corporate customers across the UK, Europe and Asia. Having spent 20 years in the private sector working in customer service with BT, AXA and United Utilities, he is passionate about the role service teams play in any organisation and wants this to have greater emphasis at board level.

Jonathan lives in Wiltshire and has two boys and is actively involved in ice hockey and the RAF youth organisation.

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