Mission, values and standards

We are the leading independent expert setting and upholding the standards to enable our customers to improve their business performance through service.  We deliver tangible benefits to individuals, organisations and stakeholders so that the UK is seen as the place to experience great service and a valued expert on the global stage.


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Our vision and values

Our vision

A world where customer experience makes a positive and sustained impact on individuals, organisations and the economic well being of the UK. 

Our values

  • Independent: the impartial voice for customer experience issues
  • Expert: providing relevant, authoritative information, actionable insight and knowledge
  • Inspirational: encouraging ambition, striving for best practice and promoting continuous improvement
  • Impactful: making a difference to our employees, customers and stakeholders so that our customers can make a difference to their customers
  • Inclusive: open to all, both organisations and individuals, who want to demonstrate a continued commitment to improving their customer service

Professionalism, standards and ethics

As the professional body for customer service we lead the way in terms of setting service standards and supporting organisational and individual performance through delivering service excellence

We pride ourselves that all services and products are underpinned by professional standards and quality measures that are regularly monitored and reviewed. The way we deliver our own service has a direct influence and impact on our customers and other stakeholders.

Our ethical, professional and expert positioning ensures we always endeavor to deliver to the highest standards and quality when meeting the current and future needs of our customers. Our world class service model is the flagship standard for customer service excellence.

Developed from extensive research with customers and employers it provides a comprehensive framework of customer service performance measures enabling organisations to benchmark, develop service strategies and improvements, promote employee commitment and customer satisfaction.

What we do

What we do

  • Improve business performance by demonstrating the tangible return on investment and measurable impact of a positive customer experience
  • Influence decision makers and opinion formers, including politicians, regulators, other key stakeholders and senior management through the development and promotion of authoritative knowledge and research
  • Support members in transforming customer service and professionalism within their organisations through the sharing of best practice across the membership network
  • Affect the economic success of the UK by advising on the creation of a professional, quality customer experience throughout all levels of an organisation
  • Raise the profile of effective customer service through the provision of benchmarking and accreditation services
  • Create a strategic, agile and demand-led employment and skills system within the UK through engagement with government and government agencies
  • Provide members with a comprehensive range of services that improve business performance and customer experience
  • Promote and support the notion of a society which respects service rather than expects servitude

Our goals

Our business goals are deeply embedded into the daily work of The Institute

  • Customer service is seen as a key business differentiator by individuals, employers and stakeholders
  • Customer service continues to improve
  • We are recognised as the 'go to' organisation for advice on improving the customer experience
  • We have achieved sustainable growth of membership
  • We are able to successfully operate internationally
  • ServiceMark is seen as the organisational standard and quality benchmark for customer service
  • Government recognises the importance of customer skills and competence and regularly requests our input through the UKCSI, research and white papers

Our history

Find out more about the Institute of Customer Service

The Institute of Customer Service is the independent, professional membership body for customer service. Founded in 1996, and formally incorporated in February 1997, we help our members improve their customers’ experience and their own business performance.

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The Institute of Customer Service head office is in London, with regional representatives based across the UK to ensure service access for all national and regional organisations.

Training and qualifications

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Our customer service training courses help you build a consistent culture of service across your organisation. Courses are suitable for anyone involved in service – customer facing staff, team leaders and managers.

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Institute membership gives you exclusive access to customer service research across all sectors.

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Our training and accreditation programmes can raise your service standards.

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We support some of the UK's leading businesses in improving their customer service.