2016 Itinerary

2016 Customer Service: Meet the future – strategies for success

A multi-dimensional view of customer service beyond 2020

Conference Programme

8.00 am Registration, coffee and exhibition

9.15 am Conference opening statement
Welcome from conference facilitator – Naga Munchetty 

Naga is a British journalist and television presenter. Her first job was as a journalist on the City Pages of the London Evening Standard. She also worked on the business section of The Observer. Naga's television career began as a reporter for Reuters Financial Television, after which she worked as a senior producer for CNBC Europe, a business producer and reporter for Channel 4 News and a presenter on Bloomberg Television. Since August 2010, Naga has presented early morning bulletins on BBC News.

9.25 Evolving service culture for the digital generation

Jo Causon, CEO, The Institute of Customer Service

As customer service comes to terms with the relationship economy, Jo Causon outlines the significant factors which will determine how organisations need to change to enable them to retain customer centricity in an increasingly complex environment.  2020 is almost upon us, so this session discusses the future of customer service culture beyond 2025. Jo will discuss the skills agenda, impact of technology, ROI of customer service, how the organisation of 2025 operates, the customer of the future, the impact it has and how The Institute will facilitate organisations move towards the future.

10.00 – The customer service generation 
Is there a place in politics for customer service: delegates have their opportunity to pose the difficult questions in a Question Time style debate

On the panel:
Graham Heald – Former Retail & Distribution Director, Homebase 
Steve Reed MP – Co-chair All-Party Parliamentary Group on Customer Service
Philip Davies MP – Co-chair All-Party Parliamentary Group on Customer Service  
Carol Lewis – Commissioning Editor, The Times 
Jo Moran –Head of Customer Service, Marks & Spencer 

As the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Customer Service gathers momentum we ask the panel, which includes two business leaders, a member of the media and the two co-chairs of the APPG from opposing sides of the house, to discuss the value of political input for customers and/or organisations. In this lively debate, the audience will be invited to grill  the panellists  about the impact of political input and ask if there is a place for the customer service industry in Parliament?

11.00 -11.30 Coffee and exhibition

11.30 - The impact of changing customer and employee engagement
Ian Filby, CEO, DFS 

Social media is enabling customers to become connected, more empowered and more influential. It is also having the same effect on employees. This new dynamic is changing behaviours. This session will be exploring the impact this phenomenon will have on customer service and employee engagement in the relationship economy and what effect it will have on organisations and service providers.

12.00 - Changing customer behaviour and its impact on creating the right customer experience
Simon Ruda, Director of Home Affairs & International Development, Behavioural Insights 

Progressive organisations pride themselves in understanding what makes their customers tick, but how well do customers understand what organisations do and why? At its heart, Behavioural Insights endeavours to paint a more precise picture of human behaviour, observing that sometimes small details that we might not think important can be key to influencing our choices. Simon Ruda shares his experience of applying Behavioural Insights to organisations as diverse as the World Bank, British Army and police forces whilst explaining how these insights can help organisations prepare for the consumer demands of the future.

12.30 – 13.45 Lunch and exhibition

13.45 – Panel discussion  
Meet the customer of the future

Des Benjamin, Former CEO, Simplyhealth
Tania Seif, Head of Social Marketing, Coral 
David Hathiramani, MD, A Suit That Fits 

Unlike most panel discussions, we gather the views of real-life customers who have no agenda and no connection with the customer service industry. We mix this with a select group of senior business leaders to discuss preferences, behaviours, perceptions and discuss how buying habits have,  and will change in the future. During the past year, The Institute has undertaken a large-scale customer survey, and we reveal the  findings after the expert panel has made its assumptions, the customer panel has given its opinion and the audience has had its say.

14.45 - The role of a Business Leader in 2025 
Bruce Carnegie-Brown, Chairman, AON UK & MoneySuperMarket 

To effectively manage a successful organisation in 2025 will require a new style of leadership, one which understands a world of more connected customers and more connected employees. Citizen journalism, social media and relationships taking precedence over transactions will mean more agility, more flexibility and responsiveness will be required to satisfy customer demands. This session looks at how autocratic methods and democratic communications need to be modified to steer a successful path through the new customer landscape.

15.15 – 15.45 Coffee and exhibition

15.45 – Organisational behaviour of the future
Tony Prestedge, Director & Group Chief Operating Officer, Nationwide Building Society

The way customers transact has changed irreversibly over the past decade. This has given rise to challenger brands and market disruptors reaching prominence in the marketplace. The onset of new financing models, innovative marketing and in-depth customer profiling means that flexible and agile organisations may outperform those less nimble. This session looks at the necessary changes that organisations will have to embrace in order to retain their market positioning while meeting complex demands from increasingly unpredictable customers.

16.15 – What customers?  
Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures, BT 

In this session, Nicola Millard pulls all the threads from today’s conference and plots them against a realistic time-frame so that organisations are able to see the priorities for their own development. Nicola will profile the customer of 2025, look at their shopping habits, methods of payment and service expectations. She will also take a look at the bigger economic environment in which we will all be operating. These valuable insights will  highlight what  needs  to happen now to future-proof organisations and meet customers’ expectations.

16.45 –  2025: a look into the future – Naga Munchetty interviews Jo Causon

 Naga will interview Jo to pick out key findings from the day and help delegates identify what they should do to ensure their organisation is ready for the future.

17.00 Conference close

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