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Compere: Jonathan Edwards
Rita Clifton, Chairman, BrandCap
Philip Davies MP and Steve Reed MP - Co-chairs, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Customer Service
Eamon FitzGerald, MD, Naked Wines
Paul Loft, MD, Homebase
Simon Roberts, MD, Health & Beauty UK and ROI, Boots UK
Fred Sirieix, General Manager of Galvin at Windows
Darrell Sansom, MD, AXA Insurance, Commercial Lines & Personal Intermediary
Professor Prabhu Guptara


Conference opening statement

8.00 am Registration Coffee and Exhibition

9.15 am Conference opening statement

Conference facilitator – Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan is a former Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European champion athlete, and has held the world triple jump record since 1995. Following his retirement as an athlete he has worked as a sports commentator and presenter for BBC television. Jonathan will be moderator for the entire day and hosting an engaging and inspiring interview.

9.25 Positioning Statement

Jo Causon, CEO, Institute of Customer Service

As customer service migrates from the traditional transactional economy Jo Causon discusses the key tenets which form the new relationship economy and assesses the impact this will have on all organisations. Jo will explain the business significance of this irreversible shift in customer service and explore how it will affect organisations from board level through to strategic delivery. In this interactive session, Jonathan will probe Jo to reveal her insight into why connected strategies across the multi-functions of an organisation are imperative to future success, what skills will be required to enable growth, and the significance of emotional intelligence to the customer service mix.


To attack and to throw - or how to achieve excellence in customer service

Fred Sirieix – General Manager, Galvin at Windows and Director The Art of Service
This entertaining and motivational session looks at all the aspects of customer service which enable businesses to successfully transition from the transactional economy to the relationship economy. Fred discusses the culture and leadership required when creating an exceptional customer experience, and explores the need to remain agile and nimble in response to a changing environment. The audience will be taken on a journey comparing service with sporting prowess and will take away insights enabling them to implement changes in a connected way in their own work environment.

10.40 – 11.00 Coffee and Exhibition


Realising the relationship potential within an organisation

Simon Roberts, Executive Vice President of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. and President of Boots
Organisation that have a deep understanding of the drivers of change in the customer service landscape are benefitting most from the relationship economy. Leadership is pivotal to how quickly an organisation can transition and how agile it can be. To fully maximise opportunities in this relationship economy - where customers have the greater balance of power - it is vital that organisations have a clear understanding on what meaningful relationships with customers really means from the customer’s perspective. Simon has just 20 minutes to present his case before delegates can discuss with him which strategies are being embraced to create market leadership positioning and how these can be effective pan-economy, and how good governance underpins success.

11.35 – CULTURE

Relationships versus Contacts: Propaganda, Marketing and Feedback, versus Global Co-Creation

Professor Prabhu Guptara, Distinguished Professor of Global Business Management
Professor Guptara poses one question for the audience: could your customers guide your leadership, ethical, cultural and even business decisions? Organisations throughout the world have had to respond to global changes, many reinventing themselves in order to regain trust and strengthen their ethics. It has been, and for many remains, a powerful journey. Professor Guptara brings his global overview to a local level.


How to realise a positive return on customer service investment

Darrell Sansom, Managing Director, AXA Insurance

As customer service continues to evolve in the relationship economy, the necessity to measure success and realise a positive return on investment takes on new significance. Fewer organisations today are willing to accept customer service as a cost factor; many employ sophisticated financial modelling to make measuring and evaluation more precise. This session offers useful tips on how to achieve a positive ROI and what needs to be measured to ensure business success in the new economy.

12.50 – 13.50 Lunch and Exhibition


How to protect your reputation and gain trust in an uncertain, customer-connected society

Rita Clifton, Chairman, BrandCap

Retaining reputation and gaining trust can be a precarious balancing act, especially in the social media era. As the relationship economy grows organisations need to be better-prepared than ever to combat negative feedback in a positive way. Rita makes her case in 20 minutes before the delegates have the opportunity to quiz her on what can be done to protect brands and also how best to interact on a one-to-one basis with customers in the public arena.


Achieving differentiation through implementing challenger brand flexibility

Eamon Fitzgerald, Managing Director, Naked Wines

The relationship economy relies heavily on organisations being able to deliver to customers via the customers’ channel of choice. In this fast-moving technological era, social media can be both your friend and enemy. It is vital for organisations to be nimble and agile, ready to respond almost instantly. This often means devolved responsibility and de-centralised decision making. Delegates will get real-life practical examples of how to achieve agility in their business, and experience the positive effect that broader decision-making has on customer relationships


How to develop collaborative strategies with customers and competitors

Paul Loft – Managing Director, Homebase

Paul Loft poses the question: What does collaboration look like? One of the fundamental tenets of a successful relationship economy is the ability to co-create new products and services with customers, and collaborate with other businesses to identify new routes to market and better quality service. In this session Paul spends 20 minutes exploring new economic demands, new thinking, and how collaboration has become a key part of business strategy. Delegates will have the opportunity to gain tips from Paul on how to effectively co-create products and services and what pitfalls to avoid when collaborating using existing infrastructure.

15.35 Coffee and exhibition


How to convert knowledge into satisfied customers

Jo Upward, CEO, Platform

Jo outlines the five key aspects of social intelligence whilst addressing the thinking and insight necessary to support them. In this session the audience will hear how Presence, Clarity, Awareness, Authenticity and Empathy converge together to in order to produce the most effective social intelligence strategy – affording those successfully implementing it insight into future trends, a connection with their customers, and the ability to affect their customers’ buying habits.


How to participate in shaping the future

Philip Davies MP and Steve Reed MP

Jo Causon and the Institute have been instrumental in the creation of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Customer Service, bringing the status of Customer Service to a higher level of significance. In this session, Co-chairmen of the APPG, Philip Davies MP and Stephen Reid MP discuss the aspirations of the group, the important issues it aims to tackle, and explain how the influential audience can participate in shaping the future of customer service.


Jonathan Edwards & Jo Causon

Jonathan will discuss how adopting a winning mentality can help you achieve exceptional results and Jo will translate the findings into positive customer service outcomes. This inspirational and motivational session will cap the day off leaving the audience with real tangible take outs which can be incorporated into every organisation for immediate positive impact

17.15 Conference close

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