Annual Conference Speaker

Jonathon Athow, Deputy National Statistician and Director General for Economic Statistics, Office of National Statistics

Jonathan Athow is a leading expert on economics and policy issues, and has served as the Deputy National Statistician for Economic Statistics at the Office for National Statistics since June 2015.

Jonathan worked for nearly 14 years at HM Treasury on issues including the benefits system and key tax policy reforms, before joining HM Revenue and Customs in 2011 as a director and Departmental Chief Economist. As director, he oversaw tax forecasts production and analysis to support policy partnership with the Treasury. 

As Director General at ONS, he leads the hundreds of economists and statisticians who produce the UK’s key economic indicators, including prices, GDP and trade. He has also written for the Independent and City AM, and features in the BBC’s ‘Economics with Subtitles’ series.

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