ABa Quality Monitoring Best Customer Experience Award

Winner 2017 - Pension Protection Fund

What is the criteria for the Best Customer Experience Award?
This award is open to any organisation that has developed and implemented a customer experience strategy which has improved business performance. Key indicators that judges will consider is the extent to which the strategy has been coherently and effectively rolled-out; how the customer experience is measured across all aspects of the customer relationship; what effect the customer experience strategy has had on customers; and, the impact it has had on business performance overall.

Why did Pension Protection Fund win the Best Customer Experience Award?
Pension Protection Fund is a statutory corporation created to pay compensation to members of certain pension schemes when companies go bust with insufficient assets in their pension scheme. Its Customer Experience Vision was to deliver exceptional service to customers, through creating trust and offering a multi-channel experience. Also contained within the vision were commitments to its people, who would be delivering the exceptional service. The third part of the vision deals with the services the organisation offers. Judges applauded the holistic approach to customer experience, and were impressed with the 24 improvements for customers resulting from its decision to insource.

Where can I see more about the Best Customer Experience Award?
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