Customer Focus Award – Large Enterprise

Winner 2017 - Mitie Client Services

What is the criteria for the Customer Focus Award - Large Enterprise?
This Award is open to any organisation with a turnover in excess of £10m that has placed the customer at the centre of its operations and strategies. Candidates needed to display a well communicated customer strategy and evidence of employee engagement in executing the strategy. Evidence was required of the extent to which the customer shapes the business and how this has improved overall results.

Why did Mitie Client Services win the Customer Focus Award - Large Enterprise?

Mitie Group PLC is the strategic outsourcing and energy services Company and Client Services is the part of Mitie specialising in front of house services. The entire rounded approach to customer focus by a company with 950 colleagues impressed the judges. One of Mitie’s customers described the front-of-house staff as: ‘Chameleon-like, being able to adapt to our culture, values and ethos to create a one-team approach’, which the judges felt typified Customer Focus.

Where can I see more about the Customer Focus Award - Large Enterprise?

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