Customer Service Strategic Leadership Award

Winner 2018 - Jeremy Hyams, CEO, Claims Consortium Group

What is the criteria for the Customer Service Strategic Leadership Award?
This is the only category recognising exceptional endeavour of one individual. The judges remarked on how difficult this category was due to the exceptional leadership skills of all the candidates, all are held in high esteem, and any one of them could have been crowned the winner. 

Why did Jeremy Hyams, CEO, Claims Consortium Group win the Customer Service Strategic Leadership Award?
Claims Consortium Group is a property insurance claims handling company whose clients are mainly large UK household insurers. Jeremy Hyams founded the business, which now comprises around 300 staff, in 1996. He has always been hands-on in more than 20 years of growing the business. He believes that the right people do the job they’re good at, and hence brought in a management team that would allow him to focus on business development and business culture.

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