Rant & Rave Best Customer Satisfaction Strategy Award

Winner 2017 - Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance

What is the criteria for the Best Customer Satisfaction Strategy Award?
This award is open to any organisation that has developed a strategy that has measurably improved its customer satisfaction rating. Entrants were required to show a clear strategic plan designed to leave a legacy, after implementation, of a new relationship between the organisation and its customers.

Why did Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance win the Best Customer Satisfaction Strategy Award?
For 30 years Hitachi Capital has been providing financial solutions for both consumers and business. Originally established to serve the complex and demanding manufacturing market in Japan, the company has embraced its ability to provide innovative solutions to high levels of satisfaction and used it as a pan-economy market differentiation. The judges were impressed with the company’s desire to continually improve. Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance already had multi-channel access making it accessible to customers 24/7, but to improve customer service – and acting on customer feedback - the company created a portal for customers to view multiple personal finance accounts, which now has 50,000 subscribers and a take up rate of 350 per day.

Where can I see more about the Best Customer Satisfaction Strategy Award?
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