Customer Satisfaction Innovation Award

2017 Winner - Claims Consortium Group

What is the criteria for the Customer Satisfaction Innovation Award?
This award is open to any organisation that has instigated a new and innovative way of improving its customer satisfaction ratings. Innovation can be a product, service, software or process which enhances the overall customer experience and that has definite business benefits. Entrants needed to present new and fresh ideas that have the intention of improving satisfaction levels and a measurement system to support any improvements.

Why did Claims Consortium Group win the Customer Satisfaction Innovation Award?
Claims Consortium Group is a property insurance claims handling company working with many of the UK’s major insurers. Its innovation is a ground-breaking software platform called Synergy®, which has transformed claims handling in the UK. Putting the customer first, it uniquely brings all parties in a claim together, offering transparency and a reduction in settlement times. The judges were particularly impressed, not only by the platform and its capability, but also by the positive financial outcome of this customer-centric approach.

Where can I see more about the Customer Satisfaction Innovation Award?
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