InMoment Customer Commitment Award

Winner 2017 - Bupa

What is the criteria for the Customer Commitment Award?
This award is open to any organisation that has differentiated itself through a well-communicated customer commitment strategy. Judges looked for evidence of the execution of a customer oriented culture showing a consistent commitment to customer service excellence.

Why did Bupa win the Customer Commitment Award?
Bupa’s status as ‘a company limited by guarantee’ means it has no shareholders enabling it to make customers its absolute focus, reinvesting profits to provide more and better healthcare for current and future customers. Aside from the general customer service metrics that you’d expect from a big organisation, Bupa’s submission clearly showed that it still brings real personalisation into every customer interaction. Its genuine commitment to customers has recently been further enhanced by the installing of a customer experience directorate with the aim of further improving its service levels.

Where can I see more about the Customer Commitment Award?
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