Oracle Quality Service Provider Award

Winner 2017 - Pension Insurance Corporation

What is the criteria for the Quality Service Provider Award?
This award is open to any organisation that prides itself on the excellence of its customer service. Candidates needed to present an overview of how quality service is identified and how it is delivered within the organisation. Evidence of statistical support from customer satisfaction surveys and/or customer endorsements was required.

Why did Pension Insurance Corporation win the Quality Service Provider Award?

Pension Insurance Corporation is a specialist insurance company which provides tailored pension insurance buyouts and buy-ins to the trustees of, and the companies which are responsible for, UK defined benefit pension funds. The commitment to Quality Service is embedded throughout the organisation, and the submission clearly indicated that Quality Service not only increases customer satisfaction, but it is also improves the reputational value of the company. This in turn creates a stable, motivated workforce, which all leads back to strong performance for shareholders.

Where can I see more about the Quality Service Provider Award?

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