Callcredit Employee Engagement Strategy Award

Winner 2017 - Carillion Customer Experience Centre

What is the criteria for the Employee Engagement Strategy Award?
This award is open to any organisation that has an Employee Engagement strategy that has led to an improvement in performance and customer satisfaction. Key indicators that judges looked for were improved staff retention, reduced sick leave and the purpose behind the implementation of the strategy. Entrants were required to display a cohesive engagement strategy, a comprehensive communication policy and a positive relationship between management and staff.

Why did Carillion Customer Experience Centre win the Employee Engagement Strategy Award?
Carillion is a leading integrated support service provider that designs, constructs, maintains and improves a huge range of buildings, sites, facilities and infrastructure elements across the UK.
Carillion Customer Experience Centre (CEC) employs 21,000 in the UK and a further 25,000 overseas. One of the most significant outcomes of the successful implementation of its Employee Engagement Strategy has been business growth: after years of stagnation the CEC mobilised three new contracts during an 18-month period. This, in conjunction with all the other metrics indicating very positive outcomes, impressed the judges.

Where can I see more about the Employee Engagement Strategy Award?
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