The Leadership Factor Best Return on Customer Service Investment Award

Winner 2016 - A-Plant

This award is open to any organisation that has made an investment in customer service and which has realised a quantifiable return on investment. Investment could be in process re-design, strategy, training, human resource, hardware or software. Judges looked for evidence of measurable return applied specifically to the activity which the investment enabled. Judges also recognised secondary benefits (other than financial) where these were a direct outcome form the investment.

Now, according to the judges each of the finalists were really impressive, and all were showing the true value of investing in customer service. But A-Plant stood out from the others partly due to the scale of investment. The commitment to differentiating itself in a competitive market place through its customer service was staggering and required a comprehensive overhaul of systems, processes and equipment. The results have been equally staggering, so well done to A-Plant.