The NEC Customer Feedback Strategy Award

Winner 2017 - Cabot Credit Management

What is the criteria for the Customer Feedback Strategy Award?
This award is open to any organisation that has a customer feedback strategy that has led to an improvement in customer satisfaction and performance. Some of the key indicators that judges were looking for included how easy organisations make it for customers to provide them with feedback and how they close the feedback loop.

Why is the Cabot Credit Management win Customer Feedback Strategy Award?
Operating at the sometimes difficult-end of financial services, Cabot Credit Management (CCM) is one of the largest acquirers and managers of defaulted consumer debt in the UK, recovering outstanding consumer loans and credit. As part of its DNA Cabot’s customer values are: empathy and respect; individual treatment, positive experience and fair outcomes. This submission clearly showed that the Feedback Strategy has had a positive outcome, with an increase in the number of customers making payments and an increase in the number of customers maintaining their arrangement with the company.

Where can I see more about the Customer Feedback Strategy Award?
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