British Council sees TrainingMark as a ‘worthy investment’

Feedback from colleagues indicated quite clearly there is a strong demand across the world for certified professional development.

British Council sees TrainingMark as a ‘worthy investment’

British Council service quality manager Dan Walsh explains why they chose the Institute’s customer service training accreditation program TrainingMark, and how it’s benefited them.

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. It employs over 7,000 people in 110 countries worldwide.Its business operations span English language teaching, hosting examinations,promoting UK education and engaging people in UK education, arts and science,sport and governance. It delivers services directly to over 15 million customers worldwide and its projects reach over 100 million people a year.The Institute has accredited its Delivering Service Excellence and Managing Service Excellence training programmes through TrainingMark.

Why choose Training Mark?

“We wanted to ensure that our training offered a rigorous approach to develop the skills and attitude needed to deliver the best possible service for our customers.“Feedback from colleagues indicated quite clearly there is a strong demand across the world for certified professional development.So when we read about Training Mark, we were very interested in achieving the Institute’s accreditation of our in–house courses.Institute guidance strengthens customer service training“

We found that working towards the accreditation was not as arduous as we initially feared.

“The support and patient guidance from the Institute’s development consultant proved invaluable throughout the process, working around our particular business needs and time demands.“

Their feedback was constructive and very fair. We especially appreciated the emphasis given to achieving and assessing the learning outcomes of the training and have subsequently strengthened this aspect of our courses.”

Adding value to customer service training programmes through external accreditation

“We are confident that being accredited by the Institute is a worthy investment and that it will add considerable value to our training offer.“Colleagues recognise that our courses are now set against nationally-recognised standards.Most importantly for the British Council, the ability for our colleagues to say that they are certified by the Institute as customer service professionals will be a source of great pride.“It is our hope that Institute accreditation will help drive a professional, customer–focused service culture in the British Council for years to come.”