4 facts about the UK Customer Satisfaction Index

30th Mar 2016

The UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), produced biennially by the Institute of Customer Service, gives organisations exclusive insight into the quality of customer service both in their sector and across the wider business landscape. The national measure of customer satisfaction is based on an online survey of consumers conducted over six months, and represents the views of a wide range of customers throughout the UK. 

Earlier this year, the Institute published its latest UKCSI, which shows that satisfaction is currently at its highest level for two years. If levels are to continue rising, companies will need to respond to customers’ changing priorities and needs, which are highlighted in our Executive Summary of the survey. Before you delve into our latest findings, here are four statistics to set the scene:


The UKCSI has been running for eight years. Two editions are published each year – normally in January and July.


The study covers 13 industries, 11 of which operate within the private sector. However, the Institute also seeks customers’ views about the local and national public sectors. Detailed breakdowns of scores are published for each sector.


More than 200 organisations received a UKCSI rating earlier this year. This includes 215 named organisations and 13 generic providers, such as “your local Council” and “your local restaurant”.


The latest UKCSI includes insight gleaned from 39,000 unique responses, which the Institute obtained from 10,759 customers. These customers are geographically and demographically representative of the UK population and participated in the survey through an online panel. The scores they provided were based on their most recent interactions with the companies in question.

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