4 reasons to keep your employees engaged

9th Dec 2015

All organisations look to hire friendly, helpful and enthusiastic customer-facing employees, but many forget that they are responsible for ensuring their team stays this way. 

A survey by the Institute of Customer Service examined customer experiences in four sectors where customers typically make repurchasing or renewal decisions – retail banking, insurance, high-street retail and utilities. The results, published in a report entitled Are you being engaged?, show that employee engagement levels can severely affect the way that customers perceive companies. Here are four notable examples (and reasons to keep staff motivated): 

1. People remember a friendly face

According to our survey, 69% of people who have a memorably good customer service experience with an employee go on to recommend that organisation to others – evidence that employee engagement generates custom. 

2. Bad service could result in fewer customers

Equally, where employees appear to be less engaged, customers are much less likely to recommend the organisation to a friend. In fact, they could even discourage other customers from using it. Our survey shows that 70% of people who recall a bad experience with staff claim to have subsequently warned other people not to use the company in question. 

3. Motivated employees welcome customers back

Positive experiences with customer-facing employees also encourage repeat spending. Almost two thirds of respondents who have experienced brilliant service claim to have bought again from the same company; 51% were so impressed that they invested in an additional product or service.

4. Remember: customers can always go elsewhere

However, a bad experience can stop a customer returning altogether. More than three quarters of respondents who have suffered a notably bad customer experience subsequently avoid the company when they have the chance.

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