5 steps for achieving customer service leadership

2nd Dec 2015

With the rise of companies like Deliveroo (the delivery service that brings high-quality restaurant food straight to your door) and Uber (the app that connects passengers to drivers in a matter of seconds), we now live in a world where customers can get what they want, as soon as they want. 

While front-line employees directly facilitate this, service needs to start at the top of an organisation. Here are five ways to achieve strong leadership and ensure your customers receive the stellar service they expect. 

1. Empower your colleagues 

Companies don’t achieve high levels of customer satisfaction without employees who are empowered to make decisions that improve the customer experience. 

2. Listen to your customers

If those at C-suite level listen to customers, a customer-centric philosophy will filter down the whole organisation. Ask for customer feedback regularly and act on it immediately. 

3. Use consistent performance indicators

Organisations must also be aligned behind a set of key performance indicators that are rooted in customer insight. Everyone from the chief executive to those on the front line needs to be measured on the same metric and share the same goals.

4. Invest in your employees

It’s no secret that unengaged employees don’t delight customers – it’s why customer experience leaders place as much emphasis on employee satisfaction as customer satisfaction metrics. They recruit talent wherever it can be found, minimise attrition, invest in training and drive a coaching culture across the enterprise. 

5. Place customers at the heart of your decisions

Companies that favour a customer-centric mindset over a product-centric approach will likely benefit from customer retention, increased sales and fewer pesky complaints, so it’s easy to see why business strategies are shifting. 

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