Airline gives only passenger VIP treatment

30th Oct 2017

A passenger has praised an airline for the VIP treatment she received, after she was the only customer on a flight from Glasgow to Crete.

Karon Grieve, 57, from Ayrshire, was told that only three people had booked onto the flight when she went to check in.

Upon boarding however, she found that she was the only one to have turned up for the trip.

“As soon as I got on the flight, it was just me, the cabin crew and the pilot,” she said.

"They moved me to seat number one so I had all the leg room and everything, it was fantastic.

“They said just to call if I needed anything. I even got a free meal, which was great. They said I could run up and down the plane if I wanted, I had all the space to myself. It was so peaceful and I got a lot of work done.”

In a statement, Jet2 said: “Karon Grieve experienced our VIP customer service in true style on our award-winning airline.

“It is not unusual for the final outbound flight of the season to have fewer bookings than normal. The aircraft still needs to fly to the destination to pick up returning customers and bring them home. In this case, the flight back to Glasgow was completely full of customers returning from a lovely holiday.

“We hope that Karon has a fantastic time in Crete, and that our fabulous crew got her trip off to the best possible start.”

Jet2 have previously received plaudits for their customer service; the company was the highest rated airline in the July 2017 UK Customer Satisfaction Index from The Institute of Customer Service.

It scored 82.4 points out of 100, well above the UK average of 78.2 and the transport sector average of 74.5.

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