Airline trains staff in theatrical performance to improve customer service

30th Jun 2017

An airine has taken a new approach to customer service, training their cabin crew to perform inflight theatre for their passengers.

Icelandair is set to trial the idea, after a global survey of 9,000 air passengers in the UK, US, Canada, Scandinavia, France and Germany found that 52% felt ‘bored’ during a flight.

To mark its 80th year cabin crew were sent to stage school to learn more about the craft of singing, dancing and comedy.

Passengers on a flight from London to New York via Iceland will be the lucky few who get to see mid-air performance. But the airline is also set to schedule a series of performances throughout the year.

Birkir Hólm Guðnason, CEO at Icelandair, said: “The world is changing the way we fly, and as such there is a requirement for airlines to up their game to meet the demands of this new breed of flier. The shift in passenger expectation means they now demand both better customer service and more unique entertainment.”

“We’ve always put customer service at our heart, and now we’re looking to pioneer a new service to delight and entertain our customers, starring our talented staff.”

According to the UK Customer Satisfaction Index, this high regard for customer service is reflected across the air travel industry. The report states that customer experiences associated with air travel scored higher than the sector’s average, at 78.6, compared to 74.7 out of 100 respectively – its highest point in nine years.

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