Argos reinvents itself to meet customers’ digital demands

13th Oct 2016

From time-sensitive marketing to interactive billboards, Argos has used pioneering digital initiatives to reboot its brand and meet the demands of the modern online customer, according to a new study.

The company has always been an innovator – it was the first retailer in the UK to offer a form of ‘click and collect’ back when customers browsed in-store from catalogues – and has once again embraced innovation, this time to appeal to a new group of shoppers known as ‘now consumers’.

Argos had to position itself as fast, dynamic and convenient, according to a study by Jason Andrews, Associate Director at AllTogetherNow and Josh Roth, a planner at CHI & Partners.

One way this was achieved was through time-sensitive marketing, so Argos could react quickly to events, competitors and customer needs on any given day. On Black Friday, it set up ‘newsroom’ teams to monitor competitors’ ads, check for stock, create an ad, and then target it at its online audience within minutes.

Another initiative saw the retailer use interactive billboards at London train stations to grab the attention of shoppers and position itself as a national brand that offers convenience at a local level.

These initiatives worked, with online transactions now accounting for almost half of total Argos sales – a substantial figure for a retailer with more than 750 high street stores.

Argos’s digital strategy is a great example of innovation and anticipating customer needs, which are essential to retail success in today’s fast-changing world.

As a recent Institute of Customer Service report, The customer of the future, emphasised, in the next few years retailers that focus on combining data and digital technology to deliver a better customer experience will unlock the ability to give customers what they want – a more relevant, more personalised and convenient way to buy everyday products and services.

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