Automotive sector customer service remains above average in the UK

10th Nov 2017

The Automotive sector has continued to perform above the UK average but the gap has closed from 1.5 points a year ago to 1.2 points. The sector’s CSI is up 0.5 points since July 2016 and is at its highest point in three years.

That’s according to The Institute of Customer Service’s latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index, launched in July.

The sector’s improved score of 79.4 out of 100 is reflected in most measures except those associated with telephone and written interactions. Consistent with the national trend, the largest increases are for measures associated with dealing with complaints, particularly the outcome and general handling of complaints.

One in ten customers experienced a problem, a slightly higher proportion than the previous year but below the UK average of 13.1%.

However, there has been a noteworthy improvement in the ratio of complaints resolved sooner than customers expected, currently 29.5% compared with 19.9% a year ago.

Automotive customers had to expend slightly more effort in dealing with organisations compared with a year ago. The sector’s customer effort score, 5.1, has increased by 0.3 points and is slightly higher than the UK average (4.9).

The sector has the highest proportion of customer interactions via social media, 1.1%. The national average is 0.4%. 

In person interactions, however, are the most widely used channel, accounting for 54.4% of customer interactions, compared with the UK average of 44.6%. Satisfaction of customers whose interaction was “in person”, 81.3, has increased slightly and is 1.3 points above the UK average.

The telephone is the most widely used channel when making a complaint, used by 32.9% of complainants. Overall satisfaction of customers whose interaction was “over the phone”, 78.7, has fallen slightly but is 3.4 points above the UK average.

Despite increased satisfaction, a lower Net Promoter Score (NPS) suggests that it is becoming harder for automotive organisations to earn customer advocacy. The sector’s NPS fell by 2.9 points to 18.5, just above the UK average of 17.0.

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