Avon set to launch a unique customer app

1st Nov 2018

Avon’s international arm, Avon Products Inc., is set to launch a new beauty app, which will allow the company’s representatives to deliver a unique, personalised form of customer service. 

The app, a foundation colour tool which was built in partnership with printing software company Techkon, will allow Avon staff to easily match customers to one of 40 different product shades. 

It can take a photo of the customer, measure skin shade and identify a client’s skincare needs through entering a series of answers. This information is all used to generate personalised product recommendations. 

According to the beauty company, 70% of women use the wrong foundation shade, and Avon has clearly spotted a unique way of delivering bespoke customer service, with digital to the fore. 

At the company’s investor day in September, new CEO Jan Zijderveld said that he wanted to “unlock digital” and invest $300 million by 2021. 

Louise Scott, Avon’s Chief Scientific Officer, said that the app is “colour-true” to a customer’s skin tone as well as Avon foundations.  

The app is set to be rolled out company-wide in the coming months. It was initially tested in the UK and South Africa.  

Scott said: “We used these markets which feature very light to very dark skin tones, and people with blended backgrounds to show the power of the app. It proved that our representatives can better serve the customer with this digital tool”.

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