Boosting customer service for broadband customers

19th Jan 2017

Sky has launched a Broadband Tech Team that aims to deliver a “better, personalised customer experience”, both over the phone and in people's homes.

The phone, broadband and satellite TV provider says the team’s members will be equipped with bespoke tools to help them assist customers, while branded uniforms will ensure they make the right impression. The team will also look to tailor service to customers’ needs.

Personalisation – from the way in which employees interact with customers, to the tone and feel of communications and the ability for customers to choose how and when to interact with an organisation – will become more important in customer experiences, predicts The Institute of Customer Service’s Customer Service Trends 2017 report .

Need for speed

Sky has also vowed to make its broadband packages clearer to customers, announcing that from now on it will advertise broadband with average speeds received by customers. In keeping with Ofcom regulations, Sky already advertises speeds if they're available to 10 per cent of its customers.

The company announced its new customer service measures alongside the launch of its new Sky Fibre broadband and landline rental package. The dual launch suggest the company is keen to support its offering with the level of service needed to help it retain customers over the longer term.

Download a copy of The Institute’s Customer Service Trends 2017 report.

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