Brittany Ferries reveals Brexit caution

8th Nov 2018

Brittany Ferries has revealed that Brexit uncertainty has resulted in caution from customers when It comes to booking channel crossings for next summer.

The shipping company revealed that advance bookings were down by between 4% and 5% from some of its regular customers. Nigel Wonnacott from Brittany Ferries revealed that people were concerned about Brexit impacting on issues including pet travel, health insurance and driving licences. 

Brittany Ferries is launching a new vessel next year which will have a capacity of 1,700 passenger and operate on the Portsmouth to Caen route. However, Christophe Mathieu, the company's chief executive, raised concerns that the company would struggle to fill its vessels next summer. 

He commented: “Two more ships will follow as part of our €450m investment in the future. But we need to make sure we have passengers and freight to fill these new ships. We know that uncertainty and instability in the UK will have consequences on both sides of the channel. A poor [Brexit] deal, or perhaps no deal at all, could impact Brittany, Normandy and the Loire.” 

Research by Abta, the trade body for tour operators and travel agents, revealed that 43% of people are confused with regards to what impact Brexit will have on travel plans, a figure that has increased from 36% last year. A further 48% thought that Brexit will make it harder to travel to the continent. 

However, despite concerns, the research also revealed that package holiday bookings by Brits for European destinations next summer were 14% higher than at the same point in 2017, while a spokesperson for Eurotunnel revealed that “bookings are strong going forward”.

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