CEO of The Institute responds to Sainsbury’s-Asda merger

8th May 2018

Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute has responded to the news that Sainsbury’s might be buying supermarket chain Asda from US firm Walmart.

The merger of the two supermarkets would lead to cheaper grocery prices, according to Mike Coupe, Sainsbury’s CEO. He also says that there aren’t any planned store closures or job losses, but some think tanks believe that the merger may affect up to 2,500 jobs.

In the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), Sainsbury’s scored 82 and Asda scored 80. The retail (food) sector average score is 81.3, while the UK all-sector average is 78.1.

Causon highlights the scores in her response: “In the latest UKCSI, Sainsbury’s was rated the 39th highest-performing organisation, and Asda didn’t appear in the top 50 at all. With Aldi, Waitrose and M&S Food all ranking within the top 20, there is a clear window for the new merged retailer to shape a strong customer service strategy and earn its place amongst the ever-changing supermarket leaders for satisfying customers.”

She continues: “The merger of Sainsbury’s and Asda is an interesting move – currently both supermarkets serve different markets and customer bases. Curious customers will look forward to seeing whether the new offering can serve them both, and what the key differentiator to other brands will be.”

“The merge should recognise, and be sensitive to, the needs and preferences of long-standing customers from both supermarkets as well as those interested in making the switch.”

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