Customer satisfaction in automotive sector sees slight fall

24th Feb 2020

Average customer satisfaction in the automotive sector remains slightly above the UK average in the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), published by The Institute of Customer Service.

A score of 78.4 (out of 100) in the January index, although 0.5 points lower than a year previously, is still 1.5 points higher than the UK all-sector average of 76.9, and means that the sector is currently ranked sixth out of the 13 sectors that make up the UKCSI.  

The automotive sector is rated higher than the UK average in all five measures of customer satisfaction. The only individual measure which is lower than the UK all sector average is satisfaction with price/cost which was 0.1 points below. 

Customer satisfaction with the complaint handling dimension is three points (out of 100) lower than last year, the largest decline for the complaint handling dimension of any sector except for retail (food).  

Despite this, customer satisfaction in the complaint handling dimension remains higher than the UK all-sector average, albeit the gap has narrowed from 6.3 points in January 2019 to 3.9 points. 

Some 78.3% of customer experiences were right first time, two percentage points more than in January 2019, although still 2.3 percentage points below the UK all-sector average. 

11.3% of customers experienced a problem with an organisation, a figure that is just 0.3 percentage points higher than in January 2019, but 2.3 percentage points more than in January 2018. 

Out of 24 organisations, Suzuki was the highest rated with a score of 84.1. The score – which is 5.7 points above the sector average – means that Suzuki is the joint fifth highest rated organisation across the UKCSI as a whole. 

Four organisations improved by one point or more compared to a year ago, although 10 organisations saw their score fall by at least one point over the same period.

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