Customer satisfaction rises for telecommunications sector

29th Mar 2018

The Telecommunications & Media sector’s average score has improved by 0.6 points between January 2017 and January 2018, compared to a 0.3 point rise in the UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) all-sector average.

With a UKCSI score of 74.2 (out of 100), Telecommunications & Media is the twelfth highest scoring sector (out of 13) for customer satisfaction.

The highest increase in satisfaction was down to telephone experiences, which rose by 2.1 points. Satisfaction with website and email experiences is lower than in January 2017.

The top performers are Tesco Mobile with a score of 84.2, well above the UK all-sector average. Giffgaff scored 81.6 and O2 scored a healthy 79.7.

The sector saw an even change in performance, with four companies improving their score by one point or more over the last 12 months, and four registering a drop in their score by one point or more.

Telecommunications & Media has seen a steady increase in its average score over the years but it still falls below the all-average sector.

The UKCSI suggests that telecommunications companies should look at innovation and improvement to raise their score next time round, as well as employee engagement.

Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service, believes employee engagement is important to the success of any organisation. “Happier customers make for more positive employees (remembering that 70% of roles in the UK are customer related). More positive employees are better motivated, quicker to engage and more productive,” she said.

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