Customer satisfaction with the public services (local) sector remains below UK average

29th Nov 2018

Average customer satisfaction for the public services (local) sector remains below the UK average in the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index, published by The Institute of Customer Service. 

A score of 75.4 of 100 in the July 2018 index is 2.5 points lower than the UK all-sector average of 77.9, and means that public services (local) is ranked tenth out of 13 sectors, with the sector’s score remaining unchanged from July 2017. 

Customers rate the sector lower than average in almost all areas (out of more than 30 metrics of customer satisfaction). 

While fewer customers (16.9%) experienced problems in the three months preceding the survey compared to July 2017 (19.4%), the satisfaction with complaints handling by organisations fell. 

Satisfaction with overall complaints handling and with the speed of resolving complaints (4.8 and 4.6 out of 10 respectively) have fallen and are the lowest of any sector, while the proportion of problems which cite an organisation “not keeping its promises and commitments” has risen from 6.2% to 19.6%. 

Customer satisfaction with telephone experiences, which represent 20.9% of all customer experiences, is 2.1 points lower than a year previously. 

There is a notable gap of 20.4 points between the highest and lowest scoring organisations. Libraries topped the table with a score of 83.8, however three services scored well below the sector average, with the lowest score 63.4.

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