Customers able to book sunbeds through Thomas Cook

1st Feb 2018

For €25 (£22), holidaymakers can now book a sunbed for the duration of their holiday with Thomas Cook. The travel agent says that it is the first package holiday company in the UK to offer this service.

The company is targeting families who want to spend time together on holiday without having to battle for a prime spot by the pool. It will also benefit families who want to ensure they have enough sunbeds near each other in a specific spot.

Not all sunbeds at Thomas Cook hotels will be available to book, meaning holidaymakers who do not want to pay more will still be able to find a spot. The bookable sunbeds will be shown on a map that shows people which spots will be in shade, or bathed in sun, at different times during the day. 

The sunbed initiative suggests that Thomas Cook is beginning to offer a more personalised service. The company has previously allowed holidaymakers to choose their hotel rooms, which attracted 10,000 bookings during a trial phase. Personalisation is a key theme for companies in 2018, Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service, says in her blog.

Causon believes: “The key to engaging customers is personalisation, giving customers a bespoke service experience that reflects their own preferences. Customers are yielding more and more data and information to companies – the quid pro quo for this is that they expect a more tailored service.”

In January 2018’s UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), Thomas Cook scored 79.4, which is below the average for the tourism sector (80.7). The tourism sector’s average score is above the index’s all-sector average, which is 78.1.

Thomas Cook is trialling the scheme in three hotels from next month. 

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