Daimler to launch “Ask Mercedes” customer service bot

17th Nov 2017

Luxury car manufacturer Daimler, has announced it will combine several of its customer support programmes into a single voice-activated app, available to users whether they are driving or not.

The digital assistant has been dubbed “Ask Mercedes” and will combine several trial projects launched on platforms that include Google and Facebook.

"Ask Mercedes is a new cognitive assistant available any time to support customers in exploring all the functions of their Mercedes-Benz vehicles," chief digital officer Sabine Scheunert told an audience at the Web Summit conference.

She said the company was increasingly offering ways for customers to car share or use mobile services, while still supporting the more traditional car production part of their business.

She added that the new app will allow customers and non-customers to interact with Daimler Services at any time, using voice-activated or text commands.

Users can ask the app questions when it’s installed in recent cars produced by the company, or by using a smartphone version of the app.

It will be launched in several markets and languages initially before being rolled our globally (though dates are yet to be announced).

The Automotive sector has continued to perform above the UK average but the gap has closed from 1.5 points a year ago to 1.2 points. The sector’s CSI is up 0.5 points since July 2016 and is at its highest point in three years.

That’s according to The Institute of Customer Service’s latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index, launched in July.

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