Deliberata set to deliver greater insight on customer behaviour

17th Oct 2016

The Institute of Customer Service has officially launched Deliberata, its new strategic insight arm.

Founded by The Institute of Customer Service, Deliberata is a brand new company that works with organisations to utilise their existing data sources to deliver customer service strategies backed by insight.

Such insight is essential to give organisations a clearer understanding of changing customer behaviours, what they expect from an organisation, and how to then deliver to those expectations. 

Deliberata’s services will be available to members and non-members of The Institute. Heading up the agency is Managing Director Dr Tom Wormald, who joined The Institute earlier this year to create Deliberata after a 12-year career in policy and research.

Dr Wormald said: “We put customers at the centre of things, rather than the methodology,” he says. “So we’re not a qualitative or quantitative market research agency. We’re not a big data company, we’re not a software company. We’re a company that helps understand people.”

The problem with big data, he says, is that it’s only part of the story and can be meaningless on its own. “For example, if you’re trying to create a customer experience that genuinely feels personalised through looking at food shopping data via a customer loyalty card, what you don’t find out from the vault-loads of data is what role food shopping plays in the customers’ lives and how they eat together as families.”

Deliberata’s role will be to link different methodologies to give an insight into human behaviour and the kind of interaction that customers want from different organisations.

The consultancy will also work with organisations to involve customers and employees in the design of the data collection and analysis process, so that all parties can work together to improve customer service.

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