Does the new DPD app know too much?

25th May 2016

Parcel firm DPD has produced an app that uses satellite technology to tell its drivers when customers are out and can alert them when they return home. 

The app, called ‘Your DPD’ – marks an effort by the company to reduce the number of deliveries attempted when customers are not at home. Users of the app are encouraged to enter details about their daily routine, so DPD can organise for parcels to be delivered when customers are available to sign for them.  

However, media reports reveal concerns about the app’s security, with some arguing that the app could leave customers vulnerable to burglaries in the event of a data breach. Harmit Kambo, of human rights charity Privacy International, believes customers should be on their guard. “The kind of very sensitive data that this app uses is a honeypot for hackers and burglars,” he claims.

After a spate of data hacks last year, research published by the Institute of Customer Service suggested that customers are more concerned than ever about the safety of their data. Of 1,000 customers questioned by the Institute, 76% believed that organisations are never truly able to protect their records.

But DPD’s chief executive, Dwain McDonald, is keen to reassure customers that the app has been introduced to enhance customer service and give consumers more power, not less. “Our mission is to use the best technology available to put customers in complete control of their own deliveries,” he says.

A spokesperson for DPD reiterates that customers should not be concerned about data falling into the wrong hands: “The customer profile data is protected and not accessible in any way – it is simply used to generate the one-hour delivery window which tells the driver when to deliver to that customer.”

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