Falling consumer confidence among threats to high street jobs

9th Jul 2018

Consumer confidence, high business rates and Brexit uncertainty have threatened or cost tens of thousands of jobs on the high street this year. According to the Press Association, 50,000 people have either been made redundant or had their jobs threatened this year.

The Union of Shop Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW) raised concerns about Brexit, as well as worries surrounding changing shopping habits as more customers go online.

Speaking to Sky News, Paddy Lillis, General Secretary of USDAW, said: "We are very concerned about the impact of Brexit increasing prices at the same time as incomes are being squeezed, customers changing their shopping habits and new technology being introduced."

Speaking in June, Jo Causon warned that businesses must not stand still as they face challenges from Brexit. “It is vital for organisations to keep moving their business forwards despite all the Brexit uncertainty.

“There may be a public mood of disengagement, but businesses simply can’t afford to follow suit. There is a risk of corporate paralysis, of putting things on hold and battening down the hatches.

“But this is not good for customers. It doesn’t enhance the service agenda and it doesn’t improve the customer experience. Businesses must resist the trap of becoming reductionist in uncertain times.”

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