Founder of healthy fast food chain Leon opens new Thai inspired venture

3rd May 2018

Healthy fast food favourite Leon is taking inspiration from Asia in its latest venture. Tuk Shop opened its doors for a trial period on Monday and if successful, stores will be popping up nationwide.

Tuk Shop’s menu features popular Thai dishes like Pad Thai and Thai Green Curry. The options have been designed by Annita Potter, an experienced high-end executive chef. It’s a joint venture between Leon founder John Vincent and Thai food group Aylmer Aaharn, which is co-owned by chef David Thompson.

The trial store is on Shaftsbury Avenue in Central London and the concept is similar to that of Leon – fast, healthy food that consumers can grab for lunch during the week or at airports and shopping centres.

The brand will also take inspiration from its parent Leon in terms of kitchen size and operating with the same amount of staff as the already-successful chain.

Leon has 52 branches – 49 of those are in the UK and the remaining three can be found in the Netherlands.

In the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), the leisure sector’s average score of 80 was higher than the all-sector average of 78.1.

Food outlets perform well in the latest index, with bakery chain Greggs scoring 84, and Pizza Hut, Pizza Express and Domino’s Pizza all scoring 80.2, 80.1 and 80, respectively.

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