Garden centres advised to focus on customer service

21st Apr 2017

Peak season arriving for businesses

Garden centres across the UK have been encouraged to focus on  customer service as peak season arrives for retailers.

Shoppers Anonymous South Wales have reminded  centres of the importance of customer interaction interactions, as well as simply completing tasks.

Owner of Shoppers Anonymous South Wales and former garden centre manager Mel Evans says: "In my many years' experience in the sector, garden centre staff are generally task-focused due to the nature of the environment and the workload. Staff levels are never where they need to be to meet customer demands and deliver exceptional customer service.”

A report last year from The Institute of Customer Service found that the biggest concerns raised around service in the UK include employees lacking the capability to be of immediate help (56 percent). 

The survey of more than 2,000 consumers released in August 2016 also found consumers were worried about ‘disinterested’ staff (51 percent), poor complaint handling (35 percent), and ‘unhelpful’ attitudes (36 percent).  As a result, 84 percent believe customer-facing staff need more training to reverse the trend.

Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute, says: “Excellent customer service is something we all demand and something we all expect, yet it is clearly not something we all see.  Anything less than the best service risks customers taking their business elsewhere and, in today’s uncertain economy, there are no organisations that can afford to take long-term customer relationships for granted.

“With 70 percent of the UK’s working population in a customer-facing role, the impact that good service can have on customer retention and repeat purchase should be the number one concern of any boardroom.  Service skills may come naturally for some, but where they are absent, they can be still be learned.  Successful executive teams realise that by focusing on service skills development they are investing in the long-term stability and future of their organisation.”

To support organisations as they strive to meet consumer demands, The Institute launched an Academy – offering a wide range of people development programmes, professional training and courses for employees in customer facing roles.

To find out more about The Institute of Customer Service’s Academy visit:

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