Hay Group report shows the importance of employee engagement

4th Dec 2015

Global management consulting firm Hay Group has published a report that demonstrates a clear connection between employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Bringing together the views of 400 engagement professionals, the report supports findings in the Institute of Customer Service’s Are you engaged? report, and includes comments from the Institute’s chief executive, Jo Causon.

Causon argues that customers now look to build ongoing relationships with brands, and are no longer satisfied with quick transactions. As the relationship economy takes hold, the demand for transparency and high-quality customer service will grow, and organisations will need to join the dots between the customer and employee experience. 

“We know from all the work the Institute does that the link between an engaged workforce and satisfied customers is very strong,” Causon affirms. “Successful organisations focus on that connection.”

Key to this is getting customer insight and human resource teams to share data, look for connections and monitor those links over time, the report reveals. David MacLeod, co-founder of the Engage for Success movement and a contributor to the report, explains: “Traditionally, HR has focused internally, marketing externally. But the two need to pull together.” 

To create a richer picture of what both customers and employees think, organisations will need to gather feedback from as many channels as possible, including customer and employee survey results, anecdotal feedback and service failure data. Merging these findings will allow companies to identify which aspects of the employee experience have the biggest influence on their customers, helping executives to assess where to channel their engagement efforts. 

“Companies that get the connection right – by joining up their business, customer and people strategies – are those that will still be here in the future,” says Causon. 

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