HM Passport Office tops Public Services sector in UK Customer Satisfaction Index

16th Mar 2018

HM Passport Office has remained the highest-scoring organisation for the Public Services sector with a score of 81.4. The sector average is 76.1.

The organisation also improved its score over the last 12 months. In January 2017, HM Passport Office scored 78.9. This 2.5 score improvement places HM Passport Office 0.7 points clear of the second highest scorer – the Disclosure and Barring Service. 

Other organisations scoring higher than the all-sector average of 78.1 include the DVLA and Post Office with scores of 80 and 78.8, respectively. 

The latest UKCSI shows that four organisations improved by one point on more since January 2017, with only one organisation registering a fall of one point or more in the same time frame. 

Complaints and satisfaction has improved since January 2017, but according to the latest UKCSI, this is still an area where the Public Sector needs to make improvements. Scores for satisfaction with complaint handling and final outcomes of complaints were 5 and 5.2 respectively, below the all-sector averages.

The Index reports that there is ‘diversity in the customer service performance of different organisations’ within the sector. It also shows that the biggest performance gap in the sector, when compared to the UK’s all-sector average, relates to customer telephone experiences. The scores for these metrics fell below the all-sector average across the Public Services sector. 

The latest Index also shows that customers found that the time to resolve complaints was, on average, quicker than expected (25.8% of people agree) or took the amount of time that was expected (25.4% of people agree). Just under half (48.8%) of people think that a resolution took longer to achieve than was expected. 

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