Insurance claims in difficult circumstances

6th Feb 2018

There is nothing about the experience of being an insurance customer that is intrinsically good.

The best you can hope for is that you’re handing over money for something you will never need. If you do have to make use of what you’ve bought, it’s because something bad has happened. The question is: how can you provide excellent customer service to customers in turmoil? Insurance firm Claims Consortium Group thinks it’s found the answer.

The power of engagement
Training is important to help build a connection between the company and its employees, and between employees and its customers. About three years ago, Claims Consortium Group started using a training programme called Powers of Engagement, deploying it to help ensure that employees were fully engaged with the business, not merely ‘enrolled’ (showing up for work because it’s a job and it pays) and certainly not ‘disengaged’ – not even wanting to be there.

Employee engagement is one of the key themes for customer service in 2018, according to research undertaken by The Institute of Customer Service

Stepping outside the usual process
When a call centre is being pressured into answering a certain amount of calls a day, the personal touch – and ultimately a positive customer experience – is lost. During the 2015 floods in Cumbria, a lot of customers lost their laptops and tablet devices – so Claims Consortium Group gave every affected customer an iPad, preloaded with the company’s ‘TrackMyClaim® ’ app that allowed flooded-out customers to be kept fully informed as to what was happening with the repair of their property.

On another occasion, a customer who had to be temporarily rehoused was asked if he had any family he could stay with. It turned out he had family in New Zealand – so Claims Consortium Group flew him there, rather than putting him up in a budget hotel for a few weeks.

Don’t feel like you have to give in to automation
As automation takes hold of our lives in an increasing number of ways – not least the way that financial services businesses interact with their customers – it is, arguably, becoming easier to deliver good customer service: develop a winning app or a great online chatbot and the job is done.

But that is not always the case, and great customer service still comes with human interaction. Automation takes away the human element of customer service – something that is vital for empathetic workers at Claims Consortium Group.

There is never a good time to have an insurance claim. But with trained, engaged, empathetic claims handlers, it doesn’t have to be quite such a terrible experience after all.

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