JD Power survey reveals car manufacturer customer service rankings

16th Jun 2017

Land Rover has been named as the car manufacturer offering the best customer service in the UK, a new report has revealed. 

JD Power’s latest annual Customer Service Index for carmakers echoes findings from the Institute of Customer Service published earlier in the year, which also saw the company come out on top. 

Land Rover rose from from second place in the 2016 JD Power survey, thanks to a 35-point improvement that takes it to 808 points for overall customer satisfaction out of a possible 1,000. Meanwhile Fiat was ranked worst out of the businesses indexed, scoring 746 points.

JD Power said Land Rover’s winning performance was thanks to the carmaker’s dealers’ track record on great after sales service. The index of 22 carmakers is based on feedback from drivers who registered a new vehicle from February 2014 and April 2016. 

At 78.8 points, the automotive sector as a whole beats the UK average for customer satisfaction, according to The Institute’s earlier report. Carmakers should guard against being complacent though. The gap between the automotive sector and the UK average closed from 1.8 points to 1 point between 2016 and 2017. Not only that, it was the only sector not to improve its score this year.

Carmakers outperform the UK all-sector average on most customer experience measures and are particularly strong on dealing with customer complaints – an area were they showed their largest year-on-year increase in customer satisfaction scores. Customer satisfaction with “in person” interactions also rose.

One area where they could improve, however, is getting customer interactions right first time. Last year, 76.4% of customers said their interaction with carmakers was right first time; that fell to 75.4% this year. Automotive is the only sector to witness this fall. 

“Getting it right first time makes a significant difference to customer satisfaction,” The Institute’s report reads. “Average satisfaction of customers whose experience was right first time was 82.6, compared to 65.4 when it was not right first time.”

Carmakers also need to offer customers a better online experience. Despite a 6.9% growth in interactions via email, customer satisfaction with email communication fell by 5.2 points. This compares to a drop of 1.1 points in the UK average. 

The sector as a whole needs to focus on creating a seamless customer experience across all channels, particularly in light of the growth in customer communication via email, social media, apps and webchat. That said, it should also continue to build on its lead in measures such as “in person” interactions and getting interactions right first time.

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