tops UK Customer Satisfaction Index leisure sector

8th May 2018

Budget package holiday provider has scored 84.2 in the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), making it the highest-performing company in its sector.

Premier Inn, Haven Holidays and followed, scoring 83.8, 82.4 and 82.1 respectively.

The sector average is 80.7, while the UK all-sector average is 78.1. This makes tourism the third highest-scoring sector (out of 13) for customer satisfaction. With a score that is 2.6 points higher than the UK all-sector average, it would appear that customers consider Tourism organisations, on average, to be delivering a relatively high level of service, compared to what they experience elsewhere in the economy.

The sector’s average customer satisfaction score rose by 0.5 points between January 2017 and January 2018, compared to the 0.3 point rise in the UKCSI all-sector average. The average Net Promoter Score rose by 3 points to 27.2.

Many consumers prefer a premium service in the tourism industry. Around 31% of customers are seeking excellent service and are prepared to pay a premium price in order to get it, the highest proportion of any sector in UKCSI. Meanwhile, 58.4% of customers favour a balance of price and service when buying from the tourism sector and are not prepared to compromise service levels for the cheapest deal.

The UKCSI suggests where the tourism industry could make improvements, including customer experience. The index suggests: “Companies should consider creating a common template for your current customer experience across products, channels and type of experience.”

Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute, recently wrote in a blog on the importance of customer experience, saying: “The key to this is personalisation, giving customers a bespoke service experience that reflects their own preferences. Customers are yielding more and more data and information to companies – the quid pro quo for this is that they expect a more tailored service.”

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