Lakeland serves up a nice slice of customer service

9th Dec 2016

The Institute of Customer Service’s latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) emphasised the importance of ‘getting it right first time’ when interacting with customers – and Lakeland recently went further than most in its commitment to that goal.

Earlier this month, The Guardian website’s ‘Consumer Champions’ page published an email from a customer who had purchased a compact bread maker from the kitchenware retailer almost three years ago.

The customer had contacted Lakeland for advice as the bread maker’s drive shaft kept falling out, which meant they had to add the ingredients while the bucket was in the machine. Lakeland customer services replied the next day with the offer of a replacement machine, which arrived three days later.

“We are all quick to complain (rightly) when we have bad experiences, but I believe in showing my appreciation to those who provide such excellent and prompt service,” said the customer.

The editor of the Consumer Champions page replied: “When it comes to post-purchase service Lakeland is almost in a league of its own.”

It’s hard to put a value on this level of customer service provided by Lakeland in this instance, but gaining such positive publicity on a much-viewed website is likely to outweigh the cost of replacing a three-year-old bread maker with a new one.

As this year’s UKCSI found, there’s a clear correlation between organisations who ‘get it right first time’ when interacting with customers, and their overall UKCSI score. On average the Index score is 82.7 for those organisations where customers said they had issues resolved immediately, but when this did not happen, the score drops to an average of 59.

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