Legal services customers seek multi-channel support

5th Sep 2016

Globally, customers are making greater use of email and online platforms to communicate with legal service providers, a survey by the Legal Services Consumer Panel shows. 

The survey, which pulls together six years’ worth of data, reveals that while face-to-face advice remains the most common channel for delivering legal advice, the use of online platforms is increasing as consumer expectations change and services develop. One in four consumers now use these platforms to communicate with legal professionals.

The findings suggest different areas of law favour different methods of delivery. More than three-quarters of will-writing, for example, is done face to face, which reflects the older people who are most likely to use this service and are also likely to highly value a local office when choosing a provider. However, customers seeking legal support for personal injury or conveyance tend to do so over the phone or via email. 

Across the professions, notaries and barristers are most likely to provide advice in person (81% and 63% respectively), and licensed conveyancers and solicitors are most likely to be approached via email or online channels (43% and 26% respectively).

When considering demographics, lower to upper middle-class consumers are more likely to use email and internet to make contact than working-class customers and those living off state benefits or pension. 

The findings support those of Service goes social, a report produced by the Institute of Customer Service, which shows that a growing number of service interactions are now beginning online. It advises companies to adopt a multi-channel approach to service if they are to deliver the seamless experience that customers expect.

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