Leon sees profits soar after investing in employee engagement

12th May 2016

Healthy fast food chain Leon has witnessed a leap in profits this year – a result of innovative menu changes and a £600,000 programme that is enhancing employee wellbeing. 

The chain’s revenues have increased by almost 50% in the past year, totalling £36.9m. Leon’s co-founder, John Vincent, believes this growth is partly a result of the company’s commitment to employee engagement through training and development.

Vincent discovered the Chinese martial art of Wing Tsun last year, and claims it changed his approach to business and significantly reduced his stress levels. Having recognised the benefits, he taught his baristas the martial art in March, in an attempt to improve performance, reduce waste and promote staff wellbeing. 

According to The Telegraph, after 22 hours of training across six weeks, the baristas knocked 30 seconds off the time it took them to make six perfect coffees. They accomplished the task with a lower heart rate than usual, suggesting that they were less stressed and more efficient. 

Innovative additions to the menu, such as a bean and quinoa lunch box, have also helped sales growth.

The organisation has tapped into a number of areas highlighted in Leading by example, a report by the Institute of Customer Service. The study claims that service leaders who prioritise employee engagement, training, development and innovation, among other areas, will embed commitment to customer service within their organisations – which can have a profound effect on their bottom lines.

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