Lessons from the VTech hack

23rd Dec 2015

Last month, it was revealed that Hong-Kong-based toymaker VTech suffered a cyber breach that allegedly exposed the private data of 4.8 million people, including sensitive information about children.

The hack, which is the largest known to date targeting children, revealed the devastating impact a loss of trust can have on an organisation. But while it is difficult for organisations to wholly protect themselves from hacking – as the recent wave of high-profile cyber attacks has shown – there are steps that businesses can take to help them rebuild trust in the event of one.

According to research conducted by the Institute of Customer Service, the overwhelming feeling from British consumers is that organisations should take steps to maintain trust and ensure the customer experience is not shaken by a breach. One way to do this is to be as transparent as possible at each and every step of the customer journey. For instance, the Institute’s research reveals that more than 80% of customers argue that organisations should highlight what they are doing to protect customer data.

Another way to build trust is by providing customers with quality products, services and information. The latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index shows that organisations with very satisfied customers tend to be best at maintaining trust. It reveals that 83% of organisations scoring nine or ten out of ten for customer satisfaction achieved at least a nine out of ten for trust, compared to just 37% of those scoring an eight out of ten for customer satisfaction. The clear indication is that organisations that focus on giving customers the best possible service will gain trust as a result. Organisations that combine this approach to service with improved security programmes will be best placed in the event of a data breach. 

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