Libraries top local public services sector in UK Customer Satisfaction Index

13th Apr 2018

Local libraries have topped the public services (local) sector of the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) with a score of 84.9. The sector average is 75, while the UK’s all-sector average is 78.1.

Ambulance services in local communities across the UK scored 84.3 for customer satisfaction, with fire and police services scoring 76.7 and 70.4 respectively.

The average score for the sector has improved – by 0.6 points – between January 2017 and January 2018. This improvement compares to a 0.3 point increase in the UKCSI all-sector average over the same period. The biggest improvement in satisfaction has been for online experiences. Satisfaction with website experiences is 2.4 points higher than in January 2017, though this only represents 9.5% of all customer experiences.

The UKCSI suggests several opportunities for local public services to improve customer satisfaction. These include organisations measuring customer priorities, including drivers of satisfaction, dissatisfaction, retention and recommendation, and organisations measuring both the functional and emotional impact of the customer experience.

Figures in the UKCSI show that 20.2% of consumers felt that any complaint they had was resolved quicker than expected, while 30.5% of consumers believed resolution took as long as expected. Around 49.3% said a complaint took longer to be resolved than they had expected.

Three organisations in this sector improved their UKCSI score by one point or more in the 12 months since January 2017, with none registering a fall of one point or more since the same time last year.

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